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The Tooth Station - Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Here at Dr. Bryan’s Tooth Station, we know that preventative dental care is the best medicine. Our priority is preventing cavities before they start and ensuring the long term oral health of your child. In service to that mission, we use advanced dental technology such as light fluorescence and the Bacteria Caries Risk Test to detect cavity-causing bacteria. Below you will find some downloadable educational resources to help you keep your child’s smile bright and healthy.

Prevent CavitiesAssess Your Child’s Cavity RiskHow Your Child’s Diet Affects the Incidence of CavitiesRoot Canal for BabyWhat is a Green Cavity?Teeth Grinding – What Should A Parent Do?Help! My Child Broke Her Tooth, Can You Fix It?Dental Ankylosis: A Guide to TreatmentInternal Resorption in Baby Teeth

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How to Prevent Cavities and Reduce Risk Factors
We have produced two informative guides to help you reduce your child’s chance of tooth decay. Click on the Prevention Information below for a comprehensive overview of cavities including ways to prevent them using the SAFE (Sealants, Antibacterials and Hygiene, Fluoride, and Effective Diet) model. Below that is the How to Minimize the Chance of Getting a Cavity list of habits that put you and your child at risk for decay. We have also put together this videoDiet and Cavities: What is Known and Suggested, to demonstrate how you can help your child prevent cavities by providing a healthy diet.



How to Minimize the Chance of Getting a Cavity
Click on the easy-to-follow chart below presenting actions to take and habits to acquire for children at each successive age to maintain a cavity free smile. Providing a healthful diet is one key way you can prevent cavities in your child. We have put together this videoDiet and Cavities: What is Known and Suggested, to help you learn what foods can lead to more cavities, and which can help prevent them.


What is a Baby Root Canal and Why Is It Necessary?
To understand why your child may need a root canal and what to expect about the procedure, check out this Baby Root Canal Treatment Guide.

Anatomy of tooth illustrationA close up view of a cavity Tooth bacteria close up Baby root canal treatment illustration Baby root canal illustration


What is a Green Cavity and Does My Child Have One?
A green cavity is a cavity that is deep inside the tooth that leaves a green discoloration on the exterior surface. While green cavities are not an everyday problem, when they do strike they can be painful and lead to other major dental issues for your child. These photos demonstrate what exactly a green cavity looks like and explain the treatment procedure. We always provide a thorough exam so that we can spot problems like this early and save your child (and you!) from enduring lots of pain. Have a look at this Children’s Composite Tooth Restoration Guide and Treating a Child’s Green Cavity Video to further understand this procedure.

Close up of green cavity repair procedure for a childs tooth Close up of green cavity repair procedure for children's teeth Close up of green cavity repair procedure Green cavity repair procedure Green cavity repair at The Tooth Station


Teeth Grinding: What Is It and What Should A Parent Do?
One of the most common concerns we hear from parents is how to deal with their children grinding their teeth at night. Grinding of the teeth is mainly seen in children as sleep bruxism and is considered a sleep movement related disorder, similar to restless legs syndrome (RES). Teeth grinding can lead to a number of problems if not treated, but with early intervention parents can prevent them. We’ve compiled a helpful Children’s Teeth Grinding Guide and Treatment of Children’s Bruxism Video to explain this mysterious habit and to help you understand the risks and treatment. If you suspect your child is grinding his or her teeth, please call us to make an appointment so we can help!

Sleep disorder testing for kids teeth grinding Detail of teeth grinding of small tooth X-Ray of teeth grinding Close up of children's teeth grinding damage Children's teeth grinding crown placement


Help! My Child Broke Her Tooth, Can You Fix It?
Kids play hard and one of the consequences, unfortunately can be a broken front tooth. Luckily, this is easy to fix and we have a caring children’s dentist and staff that can help fix your child up quickly and with beautiful results. As one can see from the photos below, the patient has fractured her upper left permanent front tooth. Fractures from trauma to the two front teeth in both early and late childhood is extremely common. Some of the more common types of accidents involve bicycles, swimming, trampolines, scooters and general horseplay. To learn more about this procedure, take a look at this Children’s Broken Front Tooth Guide and Anterior Fracture Repair Video.

Before treatment of child's broken front tooth Close up of a kids anterior fracture (broken tooth) Procedure of repairing anterior fracture and kids broken front tooth Repair procedure of anterior fracturePreparation to repair anterior fracture and kids broken tooth Close up of repairing the anterior fracture if kids broken tooth Anterior fracture and kids broken tooth repair Close up of repairing anterior fracture Repaired anterior fracture (broken tooth) Kids broken tooth fixed for a happy smile


Dental Ankylosis: A Guide to Treatment
Dental ankylosis is a rare disorder characterized by the fusion of the tooth to the bone, preventing both eruption and orthodontic movement. We here at The Tooth Station are well-trained in the treatment of this condition and have prepared a Children’s Dental Ankylosis Overview and Treatment of Children’s Ankylosis Video so you know what to expect if and when your child requires this treatment.

X-rays of dental ankylosis in kids teeth with melton Procedure and treatment preparation of dental ankylosis in kids teeth Close up of treatment preparation of ankylosis in kids teeth Preparation of treatment of ankylosis in kids teeth at The Tooth Station Kids are comfortable during treatment of ankylosis


What Happens When Internal Resorption Occurs in Baby Teeth?
In order for a tooth to be healthy and strong, it must be healthy inside and out. If a tooth becomes damaged from the inside, it starts to break down and hollow out. This condition is called internal resorption and occurs when cells attack the tooth and cause the inside of the tooth to dissolve. Please review our Guide To Internal Resorption In Baby Teeth and this Internal Resorption In Primary Teeth Video for the treatment of this condition.

X-rays - internal resorption for kids teeth Pulled tooth of internal resorption procedure Lower front teeth - internal resorption for kids teeth Procedure to repair internal resorption for kids teeth Young girl with results of internal resorption for kids teeth at The Tooth Station


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