Tooth Decay (or lack of) and Sugar Free Candy!


Sometimes at Halloween I asked my patients if they only had “sugar free candy”. I usually get a laugh from the parents as if I was talking about something as ridiculous as dehydrated water, a powder you just add water to get water.

Well, it’s not at all and despite all the education we have done with the kids and parents many still believe it is.

Most know well, the link between the frequency and amount of sugar intake in relation to tooth decay. In fact, there was a recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research that showed that a daily intake of about 8 sugar cubes a day increases the cost of dental care by about $100.00

There is a vast amount of both natural and artificial sweeteners that can be used and there are many well name brand products available that do not use the traditional sugars. I happen to have found these at a store named Candy Strike Emporium in downtown Placerville.

As one can see, there are Lifesavers, Jelly Belly, Sweet Tarts and others. If you can’t go around searching from store to store, look online.