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Children's Dentistry In The Folsom Area

Pediatric dentistry demands not just technical skills, but behavioral skills as well. It is of the utmost importance that a child’s first few visits to the dentist are easy, fun, and build confidence and trust.

Experienced dentists who treat children are trained in many methods to help them feel comfortable with dental treatment. For example, in the “Tell-Show-Do” technique, Dr. Bryan Randolph might name a dental instrument, demonstrate the instrument by using it to count your child’s fingers, then apply the instrument in treatment. Allowing the child to touch and examine the instruments involves them in their own care and transforms the appointment into an adventure, not a chore.

The most effective technique for building a confident patient is praise. Every child does something right during a dental visit and Dr. Bryan and our kid-friendly dental team will never hesitate to let them know that!

The 5 Stages of Dental Care For Children

To help facilitate understanding, we’ve divided children’s dentistry into five main stages of care and listed some of the issues that can arise.

  1. Between 0 - 12 Months

    Infants – Baby - Pregnancy, teething, first tooth eruption, early oral hygiene and dental care and first x-rays.

  2. Between 1 - 3 Years

    Toddlers – Young Children - Ensuring proper teeth and mouth development, thumb-sucking and preventive dental care.

  3. Between 3 - 9 Years

    Children - Building self-sufficiency, correcting dental problems, protecting teeth in sports and permanent teeth.

  4. Between 10 - 18 Years

    Adolescent – Teen - Orthodontics, development of self-image, oral piercings and wisdom teeth.

  5. Between 19 - 25 Years

    Young Adult – Young People - Committing to a schedule of care, understanding links between oral health and overall health.

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