Young Adults

Dental Care For Young Adults

During this time, life can become busy and thrifty so helping your older child make and keep their six-month check-up appointments will prevent time and expense down the road. We also offer a separate area for older patients who want to have a more professional experience.

Committing to a Schedule of Care

As we age, different priorities present themselves and patients may skip regular check-ups. Though we understand, we also know how quickly small dental issues can devolve into large dental problems within the course of a year. A 1 hour cleaning and dental check-up could save you numerous hours and dollars. At our dental office in Folsom, we work hard to remind you of your check-ups and make them as convenient as possible.

Understanding Links Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Your teeth and mouth are a window to your wellness. For example, a recent study of 11,000 adults found that subjects who reported brushing their teeth less frequently had a 70% increased risk of heart disease versus those who brushed twice daily.

Severe gum disease may indicate diseases such as diabetes, blood cell disorders, HIV infections and AIDS which lower the body’s resistance to infection. For these reasons, visiting Bryan Randolph, DDS on a regular basis is not simply about keeping your teeth healthy, but is also a way to keep an eye on the health of the rest of your body as well.

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Schedule your appointment today.

Young adults with laptop looking at the camera and smiling