Pediatric Dental Fillings

Pediatric Dental Fillings in Folsom

At The Tooth Station, we work hard to ensure children have smiles that are free of decay. However, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to make sure children keep-up with excellent teeth brushing habits at home or are willing to go to the dentist. These circumstances can increase the risk for decay called cavities.

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Common Causes of Pediatric Dental Caries

It’s a challenge to get children to take their dental health seriously. Kids can be picky eaters, often drawn to juice, candy, and other sweet snacks, and turn their noses up at nutritious foods that help prevent decay. Children also haven’t developed the manual dexterity and attention span to thoroughly clean all surfaces of their teeth each morning and night. These two issues combined create the perfect recipe for tooth decay; debris left on teeth after meals and snacks creates acids that deteriorate dental enamel.

If your child is anxious about visiting the dentist and treatments have been postponed because of this fear, their risk for developing caries increases.

Restoring Dental Health after Cavities

While it can be frustrating for the parent and child to learn a cavity has been found, Dr. Bryan offers gentle restorative care to protect their smiles. Many parents believe baby teeth don’t need fillings, as they will fall out to make room for permanent teeth. But baby teeth impact the health of adult teeth beneath them, making pediatric fillings an important treatment.

Dr. Bryan uses kid-friendly terms to discuss what will happen during your child’s visit and encourages parents to use them as well. To ensure your child has a positive experience, even if they are anxious or fearful, we provide nitrous oxide (sleepy juice). The Tooth Station uses gentle and tooth-colored composite resin to seamlessly repair affected teeth. Your child will feel relaxed and at-ease during treatment. We want our young patients to understand that dental treatment is nothing to fear.

Dr. Bryan is skilled at caring for children and has performed many pediatric fillings for those with small spots of tooth decay. At The Tooth Station, parents and kids can feel confident they are in good hands.

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If your child has a toothache or is overdue for an evaluation, it’s important to call our Folsom children’s dentist as soon as possible. We offer comprehensive dental care for children including restorative treatments for pediatric dental caries.

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