Infant Dental Care in Folsom

Did you know that when a tooth first erupts it is most likely to get a cavity? For this reason, among others, The American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends you take your infant to see a dentist around the age of one. At The Tooth Station, Dr. Bryan provides infant dental care in Folsom which includes prevention strategies to reduce the risk of dental cavities and support overall dental health.

There are important milestones in dental development to be aware of before your child visits the dentist. If you have questions about infant dental care or if it’s time for your child's first appointment, contact our office!

Starting Early: Oral Health Care for Babies

With everything a growing child needs to remain healthy, their teeth should be considered as well. Without strong teeth, children may have a hard time biting, chewing, and processing nutritious foods to help them grow. Supporting healthy development begins as soon as possible, even while pregnant. Expectant mothers should ensure they are consuming nutrient-dense foods and taking good care of their own teeth and gums to avoid the development of gum disease.

When your child begins to teethe, their gums may be sore and irritated. You can soothe this discomfort with teething rings and cool, damp cloths. During this time, keep their gums clean by gently rubbing them with your finger.

When teeth begin to erupt, additional care is required. At this point, you can use a slight amount of toothpaste on a small, soft-bristled brush to clean visible teeth. This is important in preventing pediatric dental caries, which are unfortunately common and can develop as soon as first teeth appear in your child’s smile. When two teeth emerge side-by-side, you can even gently floss between them.

First-Time Dental Visits for Babies and Infants

We welcome children as young as one year of age to visit The Tooth Station for their first appointment. We call this a happy visit, as it is used to introduce your child to what’s involved in routine dental care and provide them with an opportunity to meet our dentist and team. If your child is comfortable, we count their teeth and keep an eye out for signs of decay. During the whole appointment, the child can remain comfortably in your lap.

At your baby’s first dental visit, Dr. Bryan reviews healthy nutrition and hygiene habits to ensure that everyone in the family understands how to best care for baby’s smile, as well as their own.

Our Children's Dentist Treats Babies

It’s never too early to start taking care of teeth and minimizing the risk of potential decay or dental health problems. For infants, our dentist provides the following:

  • Space maintainers
  • Tips for use of fluoride and toothpaste
  • Brushing techniques
  • Oral care and nutrition counseling

If your child has sprouted their first tooth, it’s time to see the dentist. Contact The Tooth Station for more information on infant dentistry in Folsom, CA. We are the first stop on a lifelong journey of dental and whole body health.

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