Teen Dental Care

Dental Care for Teens

The mental and physical changes that occur between the ages of 10 and 18 make this one of the more complicated stages of development, especially as dental patients experience shifts in self-esteem over their appearances. Dental care for teens is essential to the positive development of self-image and a healthy smile.

The Tooth Station’s dental services extend to orthodontic consultations, wisdom teeth evaluations, and routine exams in Folsom to ensure your teenaged child has a smile they can feel good about.

Does your Teenager Need Braces?

By caring for young patients, from infancy to childhood and adolescence, we are able to monitor the growth and development of their smiles. This includes being aware of changes to dental alignment and potential risks for malocclusion, dental crowding, or spaces between teeth that can make a child feel self-conscious.

Most orthodontic issues are corrected between the ages of 12 and 14 with the use of braces or other dental appliances. If your child has been a patient with The Tooth Station early on, we are able to recommend treatment, such as space maintainers or special mouth guards, which can minimize time spent in braces during their teen years.

When orthodontic treatment is required, we refer your child to a trusted local specialist.

Oral Health Issues for Teens: Gum Disease and Oral Piercings

As self-image develops, children seek ways to differentiate themselves and find an identity. Tongue, lip, or mouth piercings can be one of the ways they do this, which pose a risk for infection. If your child expresses an interest in a piercing in or around their mouths, have them schedule a visit with us so we can provide information on potential risks and how to minimize them.

If your teenage kids aren’t brushing and flossing regularly, or braces have made it hard for them to keep their smiles clean, they may be at increased risk for cavities and gum disease. Our Folsom dentist for teens, Dr. Bryan, makes sure patients understand the complications of dental infections and helps them find the best ways to keep their smiles healthy.

When is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary for Teens?

Wisdom teeth usually erupt during the late teenage years and early 20s and become problematic; as we evolved, our jaws became shorter but we continued to develop these additional molars. For this reason, wisdom teeth tend to crowd the rest of the mouth and can cause pain, infection, and decay. When a wisdom tooth erupts, we’ll monitor its development and determine the necessity of its removal.

Dental Care for Teens in Folsom – Contact The Tooth Station

Dr. Bryan, cares for kids of all ages, including teens. We even have a separate section of the office, away from the child-like environment for younger patients, so your teens don’t feel as if they were treated like children.

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