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As children ages 3 to 9 transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth, we make sure they develop great habits and an awareness of dental and overall health. At The Tooth Station, our commitment to gentle dental care ensures your child establishes and maintains dental health.

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Taking Care of Children’s Permanent Teeth

Losing a baby tooth is cause for celebration as a marker of entering a new stage of life. At The Tooth Station, we celebrate with a child and use the opportunity to talk about how to take care of their new permanent teeth.

Preventing tooth decay in children and creating an excellent understanding of at-home hygiene are our priorities. We educate you and your child extensively on the two primary ways to prevent future dental problems: proper at-home care and eating habits for healthy teeth. There are a number of ways we help motivate a child to pay attention to his or her dental health. We reach our patients while they are young so that their only visits to the dental office are their six-month check-ups.

Correcting Dental Problems for Kids Ages Three to Nine

The two most common issues we encounter in family dental care are tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Tooth Decay

    – When preventative measures have failed and there is a need to fill a cavity, we use terminology meant to calm and reassure a child. We encourage parents to use this terminology as well to build the child’s confidence in Dr. Randolph and his kid-friendly team. For example, say “sleepy juice” instead of a shot or sedation and “whistle” instead of a drill. We also recommend against using terms like cavity and nitrous oxide.
  • Gum Disease in Children’s Teeth

    - If your child’s gums bleed when he or she flosses, they likely have gum disease, which indicates an unhealthy level of bacteria in the mouth. Untreated gum health problems cause inflammation, tooth loss, and bone damage in the long-run. We always check for gum disease during regular pediatric dental check-ups and demonstrate how easily preventable this condition is with excellent at-home care. We show you and your child how to brush, floss, and use a Pik avoid this issue. Pediatric gum disease may even be remedied through the consumption of probiotics like yogurt.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries to a Child’s Teeth

Many kids begin playing some kind of sport at this age. Depending on the type of sport and your child’s level of involvement, it may be wise to have them fitted for a mouth guard to prevent broken teeth. A small investment in a mouth guard can prevent injuries to the teeth, jaw, and face. We advise on the most effective and comfortable store bought and custom made mouth guards for your child.

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